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What Are Pattern Blocks ?

As well as providing fully bespoke clothing patterns made exactly to your requirements, I can also offer basic  pattern blocks for many different styles for mens,ladies and childrens garments. These are like templates that can be used as a base for many different designs. It means that all your styles should have a similar feel and fit. Types of pattern blocks include :- Tailored jackets and trousers, casual jackets and trousers, shirts, coats, sportswear, dresses, etc..

Pattern blocks
Pattern blocks

Blocks can be cut either with or without seam allowances. They do not include design details such as pockets or style seams, but they do include sleeves and collars. A block should be well balanced and fitted for its intended purpose, ready for you to add your own design details.

Most professional Pattern Cutters work from basic blocks if they do not have a similar pattern in their library to use as a starting point. From time to time they will update their blocks to take account of current trends or small changes that they wish to make – Maybe a slightly wider shoulder or a more fitted waist for example.

Pattern Library

As a Freelance Pattern Cutter, I rarely start from an existing pattern  from my library of patterns, because I work for so many different Clients and each one has their own unique criteria. But I do use basic pattern blocks for nearly every pattern I make, starting from scratch each time. Even if I am copying an existing garment, I will strt from my block and add the garment dimensions onto it in order to guarantee that the balance is correct.

Uniformity Of Fit

Normally startup companies do not have a library of patterns to work from, and they need to have some sort of uniformity of fit so that their customers can be confident that all garments will have a similar fit. Once a company develops a significant library they can then begin to use previous patterns with various changes  to styling.

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