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The same basic principles apply whether  you want to start a childrenswear brand, or a ladieswear, or menswear brand.

In many ways it is far easier to start a childrenswear brand, but there are some common pitfalls in starting a childrenswear brand that do not occur so much in the other areas. It is especially important to understand what these pitfalls are, and how to avoid them.


Grading is one area for potential problems, because there are very few graders who understand children’s grading. Anyone using foreign factories for production  can become too confident in the factories ability to understand the sizing requirements and to be able to provide accurate grades from them. What is considered to be correct sizing in China would not be acceptable in the UK for instance.


Another area to be aware of is the special regulations required for childrenswear that are not required for adult clothing. These regulations cover both the fabric and the garment construction.

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