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My name is Bill Johnston –  I am The London Pattern Cutter.

My purpose with this extensive knowledge based website  is to guide the new fashion business owner.  through the minefield that is the fashion industry.

Forty Years In The Fashion Business

I have been in the clothing business for over forty years. I began The London Pattern Cutter in 1984 as a freelance pattern cutter, working for some of the very best UK fashion designers and  companies. These included such diverse names as :- Jean Muir; All Saints; Hennes; Alexander Mcqueen; Peter Jensen; Vivienne Westwood; Next; and many more.

Early Career

My first job had been  in 1976 at Jaeger Tailoring in Burgess Hill. This provided me with an excellent grounding in  pattern cutting for men`s and ladies` tailoring.  It also taught me the importance of accuracy in creating the final pattern. I went on to work for a number of top UK fashion companies, including Jean Muir and Alexon.

Fashion Business Consultant

I still love to cut patterns while also serving  as a  Fashion Business Consultant.  I specialise in providing top quality services and advice to  fashion startups in London and throughout the U.K. I have immense experience, having worked extensively in all aspects of menswear, ladieswear and childrenswear.

I Work  with an independent team of highly experienced fashion industry professionals, chosen by me for their expertise and reasonable pricing.  Together we provide a first class, comprehensive, start to finish service for both established Designers and complete beginners.

We also provide a number of specially tailored  fashion workshops and mentoring, designed to assist the complete beginner and the established designer.

PHONE – 07905-965-305


“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room”   MARISSA MEYER

Although I achieved a great grounding in pattern cutting , my learning only really began once I became a Freelance Pattern Cutter in 1984. Because of the wide variety of jobs I was tasked to do I had to become skilled in Menswear, Ladieswear, Childrenswear, Tailoring, workwear, sportswear, outerwear and lingerie, etc.

Freelance Pattern Cutter

As a Freelance Pattern Cutter, not only did I have to be skilled in all areas of pattern cutting, but I also had to be able to grade every type and category of garment including Childrenswear and Plus Sizes, make samples, do costings, make spec sheets, source production, liaise with factories, control production quality and manage entire projects.

Over the years I have worked for hundreds of top Fashion Designers, High Street Clothing Companies, small startup companies, Fashion Students and Individual Clients.

While I enjoy the extensive variety of work involved, maybe the most rewarding part of the job is working with the small startup clothing businesses. The whole process can be a minefield of potential problems, without the essential knowledge of how the process works and how to avoid these problems.

The pattern making is only a small, but extremely important  part of the whole process that I need to be involved in. It is essential for any Startup Fashion business to control costs and avoid costly mistakes. This is where my job really begins.

PHONE – 07905-965-305


Fashion Workshops

We provide a number of  one day and half day workshops for fashion Business Startups. These are invaluable workshops for both complete novices and more experienced fashion people. If none of the dates are convenient we can also offer a one to one workshop tailored to your own needs. Please check The London Pattern Cutter for details. Workshops we offer include :-


Helping fashion startups since 1984