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Pattern Cutting Course.

We run a  pattern cutting course in London for all levels of students, from the absolute beginner to the practised professional. Pattern cutting is not easy to master. It  takes  years of experience, with  constant learning and  practise  to become  a master of pattern cutting. The secret to getting the best value out of any pattern cutting class is to give you the knowledge and skills to be able to go away and practise in your own time, before returning for further teaching.

Students straight from college do not have the skills or knowledge to be able to work confidently on their own as a pattern cutter, unless they have been able to use their own time on top of teaching time, to practise what they have learnt. It is practise along with good teaching  that is the secret to becoming a proficient pattern cutter. We have many ex fashion students who really struggle to find work as a pattern cutter, because they just dont have the required skills or experience. We help give them both, along with the extra confidence that brings.

One-To-One Learning.

Pattern cutting is only a very small part of a student`s  learning at a traditional fashion college.  The student will normally sign up for a four year course. This course would involve learning a wide variety of subjects, such as millinery and embroidery. This is fine if that is what you want, but no good if you just want to learn pattern cutting.  The student  – teacher ratio allows for very little one to one teaching. There are a number of highly respected, and even world class places to learn pattern cutting in London, but they dont offer the flexibility that we offer.

Our pattern cutting course involves 1-1 tuition, which means total attention from your personal tutor. We can accommodate two, or even three if you have friends who are also interested in learning pattern cutting. But any more and it would defeat the object.

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Pattern Cutting Theory

Many students of pattern cutting make the same mistakes early on. They tend to rely too much on theory and books, rather than using their own eyes to see what is in front of them. More experienced pattern cutters figure out ways of working that uses a certain amount of theory gained from experience, but also working on the stand. We like to teach our students how to learn for themselves.  It is essential to have just the right ratio of practise and assistance.

Dart Manipulation

While we can teach you about such things as dart manipulation, block creation,  pattern balance, etc,  we also like to teach you how to discover and learn  things yourself.

We supply all  pattern cutting equipment, although we are happy for you to bring your own to our pattern cutting class.

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