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Why do fashion startups need mentoring ?

Affordable expert mentoring and advice is absolutely essential for any fashion startup business to succeed. in the UK. Just try getting funding without expert advisers. While it is easy to start a fashion business   with little or no experience, you are unlikely to succeed without professional help and advice. But this doesnt usually come free…

Mentoring frees the business owner to concentrate their own efforts into  areas  that reflect their abilities, while learning from professional fashion experts. Working with fashion professionals greatly accelerates the learning process and assists with the development of the skills necessary to run a successful fashion business.

I am a fashion business mentor and consultant, with over forty years experience in the fashion industry. I work with some of the very best pattern cutters. sample machinists and  UK factories who specialise in helping small fashion brands.

Any job takes years of  learning in order to become proficient. Running a fashion business is no different. It requires many different skills, each of which requires years of learning to become proficient.

The two most obvious skills needed to run a fashion business are an ability to design and an ability to run a business. These are two diametrically opposed skills that few people have. Creative people are seldom good at business, and business people are seldom creative.

Most fashion startup entrepreneurs are more creative than business minded. They are inclined to neglect the business side of things. We at The London Pattern Cutter believe in practical learning alongside the experts. We believe in the “just do it” principle.

Dont bother with years of research into marketing and branding. You dont even have to give up your day job. Unless you get some serious financial backing of course. But financial backing makes you lazy and complacent. After all, its not your money, and if you waste it, so what !

Imagine  the time it would take just to research fabric and trim suppliers. You would need not just to find suppliers, but suppliers willing to deal with small businesses. To provide samples and sell small quantities to a new fashion business. And knowing where to source cheaper fabrics to get that vital edge for competitiveness and increased profit margins is essential.

Imagine having to find a great pattern cutter – One that has a track record in your field of patterns. One that didnt cost the earth, but can save you loads. Your pattern cutter is your life-line.

Imagine having to then find graders, sample machinists and factories. Should you use one comprehensive service, or should yo divide the work up by having a separate pattern cutter, sample machinist, factory etc. ?

Why choose The London Pattern Cutter ?

Expertise does not come cheap, and most fashion mentoring services  available to  start-ups are very expensive. They  are generally aimed at established, well funded businesses and designers. There is little available for the complete novice on a limited budget.

Often the fashion mentoring professionals are not in fact fashion professionals at all, but just general business mentors. Mentoring fashion businesses requires very experienced fashion professionals who fully understand the fashion business. Our clients just need down to earth advice from experienced professionals.

We at The London Pattern Cutter aim to provide affordable mentoring services using highly experienced fashion industry professionals. We are there to support you and not to run the business for you. We positively encourage you to do as much of the leg work as is reasonable and cost effective.

We are very experienced in the fashion industry. I have over forty years experience assisting fashion startups, while Emile has over twenty years experience. Between us we have an immense amount of knowledge and experience helping new fashion businesses.

Our aim at The London Pattern Cutter is to provide an affordable mentoring service  for  fashion start-ups on a limited budget.  We think that being on a budget is healthy, because it focusses the mind on cutting out waste and inefficiency. We offer a service tailored to the individual new business owner who needs advice and guidance from very experienced professionals. As every start-up is different, we tailor our mentoring services to each client`s needs.

In our experience there are two ways to approach starting a fashion business :-

  1. Give up your job and devote all of your time to the new business. This way can be a big risk if you are not financially secure. You certainly cant afford to do it on your own. Unless you are already a fashion professional, it will require a massive amount of learning and trial and error unless you employ professionals. You still need to be involved as much  as possible, but It is very important to use your time effectively by concentrating your efforts into areas that best suit your abilities.
  2. Stay working and let the professionals do the work. It is far safer to keep a full time job, unless you have a significant amount of money to fall back on. This way you need to either just let the fashion professionals do all the work, or you need to concentrate on providing the general direction, along with the design ideas.

How much does it cost ?

We offer a range of mentoring service for new UK fashion businesses. The cost varies according to the type of service you choose.

Free initial phone consultation

Are you thinking of starting a fashion brand ? Or do you  already run a young fashion business ? Maybe you have had problems, or just dont know where to start ? Please feel free to give me a ring, with no obligation.

Pay as you go

We offer a pay as you go mentoring service, available either face to face, or via Skype. This is a very flexible mentoring service and we try to be as flexible as possible with this service. We offer early evening and weekend slots where possible.   This service is based on an hourly rate of £80.

One year E-mentoring

We offer a one year E-mentoring support service through email and phone. This is an affordable mentoring service, useful for clients who may have many small queries that would not require a full hour`s mentoring session. The cost for this is £400 / year.

Fashion startup workshop

This 1-1 workshop is a completely bespoke   introduction to starting a fashion business. Due to its bespoke nature, the content of the workshop would vary depending on the requirements of the client.The cost is £160.

Fashion startup + one year E-mentoring

This plan is an excellent way of having  expert advice to hand whenever its needed, without paying the earth for it.  includes an initial fashion startup workshop plus one year`s support via email and phone. The two formats taken separately would cost £560. Combining the two costs £460.


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