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Since 1984 I have helped provide affordable, but invaluable skills, information, contacts and mentoring  for U.K. fashion startups. I have helped hundreds of  fashion startups  around the U.K. to get on their feet. Very few of these businesses would likely survive at all  if they tried to go it alone. It is absolutely essential to have professionals but affordable guidance from the outset.


Many of my clients are completely new to the fashion business and have a limited budget. They may have great design  or product ideas, or just have a passion for clothes design. But they dont know where to start, or how to use their limited finances wisely. For some, it may even be just a passion that they have.  But they dont want to throw their money away down an ever growing money pit.I have had many clients who have already been badly burned because they tried to go it alone.

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I have worked with all types of fashion startups  for menswear, ladieswear and childrenswear. And every imaginable genre – tailoring, shirts, streetwear, denim, leather,  sportswear, underwear, swimwear and lingerie.  Often it is the slightly quirky type of fashion business, catering for a niche market that is in fact the most likely to succeed. But one thing all these  fashion business have in common is the need for information. This is what we provide above all else in our fashion startup workshops.

” People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day” ANON


Our 1-1 Fashion Startup Workshops have proven to be  very popular. They are tailored to each client`s own business and their specific needs. While we do offer group workshops, we prefer a  bespoke workshop  for each client.  Each workshop is preceded by a phone conversation with the client in order to get as much relevant information as possible beforehand.

At the end of the workshop the client is given a full list of fabric suppliers, both retail and wholesale, contact details for printers, photography, sewing machines and parts, packaging, labels, swing tickets, hangers, etc. They also get a costing sheet template and a costing sheet template specifically designed for the fashion business. They also get a list of focus group questions to help them get started.

 We offer two different locations for our London workshops – Greenwich and North London.  Each of our London venues has facilities to help fully develop your  fashion business ideas, with pattern cutting and sampling facilities.


for those who would like to do the workshops, but  cant make it to our locations, we can also provide a Skype alternative. These workshops contain all the same information of the face to face option, but take place from the comfort of your own home.

PHONE – 07905 965 305   BILL



Helping fashion startups since 1984