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Nobody needs another T shirt.

These days there is much more awareness of the great importance of branding to add value to any product – And particularly a fashion product.

When there is so much competition we need to give the customer a reason to buy our product.  We  dont NEED  to buy another T shirt, but we may desire it. A brand needs to create a desire for its product and the type of desire is very different for men and for women.

Creating brand identity adds value to a product. The clothing industry is very  competitive and without a brand identity, it is difficult to add value to the product above its utility.

Sometimes how we view a brand comes down more to a feeling rather than something solid. Being human, we tend to think in words, whereas an animal would think just in feelings. An animal would associate certain feelings to sounds and images. A bowl may represent food. A lead may represent fun in the park and the sound f a letterbox rattling may represent an enemy approaching.

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Brand – An indelible Impression

I am by no means an expert in brand building, but I have picked up a fair amount of knowledge over the years. One thing that strikes me about most of the information out there, whether in books, or on the internet, is that there is a lot of unnecessary fancy terminology used to explain  very simple ideas. Maybe just to make the author sound  knowledgeable.

” Its easier to fool people than convince them that they have been fooled” MARK TWAIN

Its not just the big things that make a difference with a product. It is the little marginal differences. A shirt factory may make for hundreds of different companies. Each shirt is just as well made as the next. But not all the shirts are of equal value.

An M&S suit may come off the same production line as an  Armani, but they are aimed at different buyers and different price points.

The little Nike tick instantly adds value to a shirt. Even if it just adds 1% to the price, that is all pure extra profit. If that tick were an X it would be the same shirt, but with a totally different feeling associated with it. An X is a good symbol in itself. We can think of all sorts of products that use this symbol – X-Men, X Box, Generation X, X Brand.

Branding serves a number of functions, including to differentiate your brand from another brand, to command a price premium, and to make your product easy to identify. Even people are brands in the modern world.

Any fashion start-up  brand on a limited budget  needs to think very carefully how to build their brand identity   in order to maximise sales.

Obviously a small start-up would not normally be able to compete on the same level as established manstream brands, but there are some very basic steps that can be taken to add value to the brand. A small niche brand, while being at an overall disadvantage to the more established brand does however have some advantages. They can be nimbler, and quicker at getting their message across by reacting to events, or the economic climate.

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While accepting the importance of branding, we at The London Pattern Cutter believe that there is no point in spending  years researching brand  building a brand identity before bringing a product to market.

We believe that we can act as a laboratory, in which the client just gets on with the business of bringing their designs to life under our expert supervision. We believe in keeping the production volumes low and restricting the amount of designs, in order to learn from the process in preparation for taking it to the next level.

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