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Pattern Cutting Prices

You Get What You Pay For

It is  important to be open and clear about the work I provide and the prices I charge. I am very experienced and skilled in what I do, so my pattern cutting prices reflect this. While I am not the cheapest, neither am I by any means the most expensive. And just like everything else – You get what you pay for.

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It is essential for any clothing company serious about bringing a product to market, that they have a good professional pattern and sample to present to the factory.


Without this they will be wasting their time and money. To produce a high quality pattern takes  time, skill and experience. the experience required is not just experience of pattern cutting, but also the experience of being a Freelance Pattern Cutter and understanding what the factory requires.

I am often asked how much a pattern will cost, with very little or no indication of the style. I cannot give any idea of price without a reasonable amount of information. The price of a pattern will usually range from £30 to £300, depending on its complexity and the experience of the pattern cutter.

 I can supply a number of services depending on your requirements . If you just need a pattern cutting service, then I would normally give you a definite price. The initial patterns would be in paper so as to facilitate easy storage and transportation.


If you subsequently required grading, I would either grade the patterns manually, or refer you to a digital grading service if that was more cost effective. If I suggest the digital grading, then I would normally also suggest that I create a size chart for the graders to follow. This ensures that you get the exact sizing specific to your requirements, and ensures that the graders do not take short cuts.

Factory Sample

Once the patterns are graded, the next step is to get the factory to make their sample, followed by production. I normally suggest that the client deal directly with the factory, while I provide the technical information to the factory. The factory may insist on a tech-pack. in any case, I would suggest that it is in the clients interest to provide one anyway.

If you would like me to completely manage the manufacturing process I am happy to do this, but I would have to charge an hourly rate, including travel. If you prefer to save the money and do this yourself however, I can give you advice that should enable you to do so effectively.

Factory Ready Patterns

My pattern prices are normally for fully finished, factory ready patterns complete with instructions to enable the factory to make an accurate sample. While I will do everything that is necessary, I will not however do work that is not necessary or cost effective and just adds to the cost (unless you insist on it and are prepared to pay for the extra work involved).

I do not normally for instance make “toiles” with functioning pockets or zips etc. I will usually just draw style details on. To me these things are just a waste of time and money. If you do require a more functioning toile for the factory, then I will be happy to provide this.

Sample Making Service

I do provide a sample making service, although sometimes it is more cost effective for the factory to make the sample as they will have to make one anyway at some point. Some factories do ask for a sample before they can make their own sample though.

Most Freelancers seem to charge by an hourly rate, and if I am working In-house I would have to do the same. But I find that most Clients prefer to have a fixed price, so I try to provide a fixed price for each job.

 Basic Prices

Although I have a list of basic prices by type, some garments can be difficult to price this way. Dresses for instance can vary significantly. Other types can more easily be priced, such as shirts, trousers or jackets. I do charge extra for card patterns than for paper patterns as there is more post and packing costs involved. I normally suggest having the initial patterns in paper though, while graded patterns would normally be in card or digital files.

If the pattern requires development rather than being a straightforward pattern this would be more difficult to judge. Normally I would suggest a fixed price to a certain stage of development.

For instance, I had to develop  a range of jockey silks that required a lot of work in order to finalise the initial block, which would then be used to create the individual styles. So I charged a fixed price for an initial pattern along with two sets of alterations to begin with. There were then two more sets of alterations before the template block was finalised.

Price List

If you require a price list, just email or  phone me with a brief description of your project, whether it is just for one style or a whole collection. While the prices are a fairly accurate guide, they are not written in stone so the prices may ultimately be higher or lower depending on the complexity of the design.

Fashion startup workshop prices

Of the many fashion workshops and classes that we run, our bespoke 1-1 fashion startup workshop is the most popular. These workshops are  generally run at our base in Greenwich, although we can also arrange a central London venue if required. These workshops cost £160

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