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Samples are an extremely important part of the production process. The factory will have to make one before they begin production. The quality of that production relies heavily on this sample.

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I always strongly advise against using factory patterns because factories do not usually use proper pattern cutters. But I accept that if you are on a budget you may prefer a cheaper factory sample. I still wouldnt recommend it though.

In order to obtain the best results  it is advisable to approach the factory with your own independently made sample. They will still have to make a factory version, but they will have something accurate to follow and will have a guide as to the quality that you want. If you supply them with a poor sample, they will feel that they can produce an equally poor one. Then they will feel that they can get away with poor production too.

“When you make something no one hates, no one loves it”   TIBOR KALMAN

I often come across clients who have had a poor sample made by a factory. The factory may say that it was because of the pattern or the cloth, or some other factor. This is difficult to challenge, even for an experienced technician, without a reliable sample to compare it to. Sometimes they end up paying for several samples, and unnecessarily altering patterns before discovering the true cause of the problem. Because the factories do not use proper pattern cutters, they can get in a muddle when trying to correct patterns.

Although your supplied sample is an important guide for the factory, it is the factory sample that provides the benchmark for the quality of the production. The factory sample may not necessarily measure the same as yours because it has been made slightly differently with different machines, or it has been treated differently in the making process.

We can supply expertly made samples made from expertly made patterns. If necessary we can do small production runs too. We can also create spec sheets and tech packs, and we can liaise with the factory to ensure that you have the highest chances of success.

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