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Although there can be great advantages in overseas production, I do not usually recommend this approach unless you have a great deal of experience, or are working with or through someone who has the experience. While there may be rare miraculous exceptions, if you are not experienced you WILL fail. But if you get it right it can be well worth it.

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Advantages of foreign production

There are some great advantages of working with foreign factories ;-

1).They are normally far cheaper than UK factories. An obvious and massive advantage.

2).They will normally provide everything including fabrics, trims, labels, patterns and grades. This can be a great advantage as long as you are aware of how to limit the possible big pitfalls. You dont have to ship stuff to the factory.

3). You have less faffing about finding fabrics, trims and labels etc.

Disadvantages of foreign production

Unfortunately this is a  longer list than for the advantages. :-

1). Many foreign factories do not have  our “eye” for detail that we have here in the UK. they may not understand. While Italian factories can be excellent, Chinese factories can be a struggle. They may not understand why a small detail like the colour of stitching is important. Whether a garment is topstitched in blue or red, it still functions  the same way.

2). Many factories use inexperienced pattern cutters and graders. This is disastrous. Not only do they not have our eye, but their sizing may be completely different too. I would suggest always having the patterns and grading made in the UK. Sometimes these can be done by the factory if you are using an experienced UK based  pattern cutter/ grader to supply them with the correct information.

3). Normally you will not be able to visit the factory to check the work, so you only discover that the collars have all been put in upside down ( it does happen)when they turn up on your doorstep. While it may be possible to visit the factory, this is not always financially viable.

4). It would be very difficult and expensive to return faulty goods – And there will be plenty of them.

5). While the factory can usually supply all the fabrics and trims, you may not be able to check the colours or quality before production.

6). the factory probably wont have a full understanding of English. This can lead to many difficulties.

7). You will definitely need a detailed tech pack. Although really it is always in your interest to provide one anyway.

8). All factories like to make things easy for themselves.  If they  think you  dont know what you are doing they are likely to take short cuts or to fob you off with poor quality work  and poor service. Although this also applies to UK factories, it is far more of a problem with foreign factories.

9). Most off shore factories will have high minimums. This makes it even more important to ensure that you do everything right in order to maximise your success.

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A trial run in the UK first

I believe that rather than just jump in at the deep end with foreign production, it is better to have a trial run in the UK first. This way you gain experience and ensure that any mistakes you may make are not disastrous. If you choose to go with us, we should be able to guide you through the process unscathed. We also provide a series of useful startup workshops alongside our consultancy, pattern cutting and sampling services.


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We provide a number of  two hour workshops for fashion Business Startups. These are invaluable workshops for both complete novices and more experienced fashion people. Workshops  include :-



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