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Who Is It For ?

Our How to start a fashion brand workshop is a very popular, one to one workshop.  They are for targeted at anyone wondering how to start a fashion brand. Or anyone who has a newly created fashion business. Absolutely no design or fashion experience is necessary as we provide all the professional guidance and services  needed to help kick start your new fashion business. We are very experienced fashion professionals with many years of assisting fashion startups.

About Your Mentor

The How to start a fashion brand workshop is conducted by Emile. He has over twenty years experience in the fashion business as a  designer and fashion business consultant, specialising in helping startups.

Emile is a fully qualified tutor and he runs our sampling unit in Greenwich. So if you need to follow up the workshops with practical assistance like patterns and samples, we can help there too.  Emile has an excellent  knowledge of garment design and construction, and everything related to starting a fashion business.

About The Workshop

The workshop would be preceded by a phone call between Emile and the client in order to gather as much relevant information about the business as possible. He needs to fully understand what the client needs to achieve, both in the workshop and in the business generally. From this information Emile would build the bespoke workshop, gathering information about special suppliers, factories and regulations etc.

This type of information can be extremely difficult to  obtain without experience and knowledge. The beginner could take months just trying to find fabric suppliers willing to supply small quantities of fabrics, or sample lengths. And even then, they can be way too expensive for  a startup on a shoestring budget.

The workshop itself is two hours long. At the end of the workshop the client is given a full list of fabric suppliers (retail and wholesale), contact details for printers, photography, sewing machines and parts, packaging, labels, swing tickets, hangers, etc.

They  get a costing sheet template specifically designed for the fashion business. They also get a list of focus group questions to help them get started. And we allow for a post workshop phone call for anyone who has further queries concerning their business. If the client  has any questions during the workshop that we need to research, then we are happy to do this also.

What You Need To Bring With You

Feel free  to bring anything you feel relevant along with you, including any design ideas and sketches you may have. Dont worry if you feel you cant sketch. We are used to it and we can reinterpret your designs for you if necessary.

You can also bring any relevant garments or fabrics along with you. While we will give you lots of useful tips and information to take away with you, you may also want to bring a notebook and pen.

The client can  choose to work with us to bring their designs to life. We can provide a comprehensive and affordable  service from design through to production and beyond, along with guidance and support. We only use highly professional and experienced fashion professionals.

Skype Workshops

for those who would like to do the workshops, but  cant make it to London, we can also provide a Skype alternative. These workshops contain all the same information of the face to face option, but take place from the comfort of your own home.

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Sportswear Startup Workshop

There is a massive market for unique and  innovative sportswear in the UK. It is  a very popular area for fashion startup brands, especially with the increasing popularity of athleisure. The UK sportswear market accounts for around £2.5 billion.

Sportswear requires specialist pattern makers, machinists, fabrics and machinery. It is very important to have a basic understanding of what this entails before starting a new sportswear business. Unlike general fashion, sportswear can lend itself to offshore production, leading to massive savings. But if done incorrectly, offshore production couldl be disastrous. We help you source the sportsear specialists, and advise on production.

Streetwear Startup Workshop

Streetwear is a very competitive area of fashion that can be immensely profitable with the right designs and insight. It is becoming increasingly influential within mainstream and luxury fashion. genres. While it is hard to define, it is itself influenced by other genres such as sportswear, surf and skate wear.

Most streetwear brands are started by people who have absolutely no formal training in  fashion and no experience in the fashion world. While they lack formal training, they know what looks good and  understand  who their customer is and what they  want to buy.

More often than not the  new streetwear fashion entrepreneur is working on a  restricted budget.  Having fresh ideas is essential for adding value to their product because they cannot compete on price alone.

Their customer is not necessarily looking for high quality, but the look is essential. This makes it even more important to be able to source inexpensive materials that look good.

Swimwear Startup Workshop

Our swimwear startup workshops have proved very popular in recent years. They provide a great introduction to any budding entrepreneurs considering starting their own swimwear business.

Subjects that the workshops  cover include :-

  • Sourcing fabrics and trims.
  • Finding good factories.
  • Quality control.
  • Tech packs.
  • Supplying detailed information for the patterns.
  • How to minimise the possibility of errors.
  • The practicality of your designs.
  • How to provide  detailed sketches.
  • Your garment construction.

T shirt Startup Workshop

Our How to start a T shirt brand workshop is aimed at the new fashion entrepreneur on a limited budget. In many ways it is easier to set up a T shirt business than a standard fashion business. There is far less stuff to know, fewer styles to manage, and  less startup costs. But it is also a fiercely competitive area of fashion that requires  specialist  knowledge of fabrics, T shirt construction and printing.

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It would take many hundreds  of hours of research in order to gain enough information to  start a T shirt business with any confidence. Even then , there is a massive learning curve of expensive trial and error in the early stages  of the business.

Finding reliable and affordable suppliers, printers and manufacturers is crucial just to survive in the T shirt business. Knowing where to cut spend and where to cut costs without effecting quality is equally vital. Massive savings can be made by just knowing where to source good quality, cheap fabric. Equally, massive losses can be incurred by sourcing the wrong fabrics.

In the end there is no substitute for practical experience, and we always suggest obtaining the basic knowledge that you need to start up, then just getting on with it, with the knowledge that you have professionals at hand to consult with. If you start slowly and carefully you can expand your knowledge as you progress.

If you decide to opt for custom made T shirts, then we can provide a complete service from design to production, or any of the individual services in between.

  • Buying blank T shirts
  • Custom made T shirts
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Costing
  • Pricing
  • Designing
  • Sourcing T shirts
  • Sourcing fabrics
  • Sourcing factories
  • Printing methods
  • Quality control
  • Different fabrics and their properties
  • Sizing
  • Labelling and tagging
  • Range planning
  • Design validation
  • Returns
  • Compiling a business plan

PHONE – 07905-965-305  BILL



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