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Fashion Startup Laboratory

Many of our clients do not have, or need a business plan when they come to us. They often  use us as a fashion startup laboratory, in order to test the waters.

We are  springboard into the fashion world, where inexperience is not a handicap because we have a team of highly experienced fashion experts providing a comprehensive service for fashion entrepreneurs. We are there to help and advise every step of the way.

We  normally advise on starting small and learning from the small mistakes that could otherwise have been big mistakes. Working with us, we would hope that there are no mistakes at all.

The experience gained from working with us on your fashion brand means that you are well placed to move to the next stage. When you move to this next stage you need to at least look as if you know what you are doing, especially if you are looking for funding.

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Create A Business Plan

At this next stage, any serious fashion startup entrepreneur has to have a professional business plan. This is absolutely vital, not just for securing any potential funding , but for the benefit of the business owner themselves.

” To study and not to think is a waste”. CONFUCIUS

Fashion Startup Workshop

We normally suggest that any startup business owner coming to us should initially complete our Fashion Startup Workshop. Later we suggest our Create a business plan workshop. This is fairly self explanatory. We sit down with you to create your business plan.

Emile runs these two hour, one to one workshops. He is himself a designer and fashion business entrepreneur. He understands   how the very competitive  fashion business works, with its specific costs  and its extreme emphasis on branding. It is this branding that adds a premium value to any product, so is extremely important in calculating a business plan.

PHONE – 07905-965-305


Helping fashion startups since 1984