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What Is Full Package Production ( FPP ) ?

Full Package Production means that the factory supply everything for you. They will source and provide the fabrics and the trims, which will save you hours and hours trying to do it yourself.

It is hard enough trying to find fabric and trim suppliers willing to deal with small startups, without having to find affordable materials. Sometimes you also need to know when it is advisable to opt for something that is not perfect, but is more cost effective.

Offshore FPP

There are not many UK factories that offer FPP , although many off-shore factories do. It can be very tempting for startups to opt for foreign production, as they do everything for you, and  can be far cheaper too. But dont be tempted, as you will very probably get burnt.

If you are a little more experienced in running a fashion business and you are looking for bigger production runs, then this can be an option, but even then I would suggest only doing this with professional guidance.

We would of course, be happy to assist if you were considering going  this route. We can advise whether it is a viable option, and we can assist if you decide to opt for foreign production.

 FPP In The UK

We can offer good quality  FPP in the UK through our partners. It  is a great option for most startups. Although it does cost a little more, it saves you hours and hours of trying to find the fabrics yourself. we can probably source better fabrics at a cheaper price  than you could do yourself, so this would help offset the cost of sourcing the materials for you. We would of course consult extensively with you to make sure that we obtain the best materials at the best price possible.

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