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 Start A Fashion Brand Workshops

While some of our clients are  experienced in running a  successful fashion business, and some are less so, others are complete novices. Many who are completely new to the fashion industry have no idea where to start, and are concerned about how to spend their limited finances wisely. Often they feel unable even to supply a simple sketch and instructions, essential for the pattern cutter to interpret their design accurately.

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The beauty of the fashion business is that it is remarkably easy for anyone to start a fashion brand on a limited budget and with limited, or even no knowledge of the industry. A small start-up business does have several big advantages over more established brands. They can react far quicker to the market, providing styles that the public want  right now. They can also source small quantities of quality fabrics at greatly reduced prices. Acquiring cheap fabrics will massively reduce costs and increase profits.

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don`t tell you what to see ”  ALEXANDRA K. TRENTFOR

 The problem is that the fashion industry is notorious for its lack of professionalism and quality control. Many fashion industry professionals and suppliers will not work with start-ups, or are reluctant to do so. If they do, they may try to take advantage of the novice by charging high rates, or giving an inferior service.  I have lost count of the amount of disaster stories I have heard from clients who have come to me after such disasters. They may have previously spent hundreds of hours researching the fashion industry and how to start a fashion business. But all this research does not prepare them for the reality of the fashion business itself, in the U.K. or even worse – abroad.

Many fashion start-up entrepreneurs have full time jobs running alongside their new fashion project. Clearly it is impossible for any individual entrepreneur to do everything themselves, no matter how many hours they spend researching. It is  necessary for these budding fashion entrepreneurs to assess their own skills and decide which of those skills they would need to deploy personally. Those skills may include designing, brand building or marketing. Or they may be sewing and pattern making.

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One To One Workshops

No one should consider starting a fashion brand without getting some basic help from experienced fashion professionals for guidance and advice. Apart from being the difference between success and failure, this help should save hundreds of hours research time and hundreds or even  thousands of pounds by ensuring that your limited resources are used efficiently.

Our fashion business start-up workshops in London have proven to be so popular amongst our clients that we are going to be rolling them out across the country, using highly experienced mentors. They will provide a number of affordable  one to one fashion workshops. Each workshop is two hours in duration, and  focused on very specific practical areas that are essential for any serious fashion entrepreneur. They can be completed individually, or back to back. We dont really advise more than two workshops in one day as we like to keep them  bite sized and relevant.  Each workshop is tailored towards the client`s own objectives and would follow a brief phone conversation to establish the type of help required.

Each of our fashion professionals has at least twenty years experience in the fashion industry in various capacities, including extensive experience working with fashion business start-ups.

Our London  workshops run in parallel with our high quality sampling and production services and facilities. You can choose either to use these to create your designs, or you are free to go elsewhere. We can cut and grade your patterns, make your samples and supply short runs of your designs.  For larger quantities we can advise on  suitable factories for your products and assist in making sure that you are successful. We try to be very flexible regarding times for the workshops.

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Evening Workshops

Many of our clients are unable to attend the weekday workshops during normal hours, so we do provide an evening alternative. We normally try to do these on a Thursday, but  would consider other days.

Weekend Workshops

For those who are unable to attend the day or evening workshops, then we may be able to offer a weekend alternative. Please ring for more information.

Video Workshops

Another alternative we offer for those who are unable to make any of  the other alternatives is the video workshop. We can do either one hour or two hour video workshops. We would need to discuss with you beforehand what your objectives are.

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We run workshops to advise how to work  with  factories and to develop  tech packs for the factory to work  from. Tech Packs are the best way to ensure that the factory produce your garments as you intend. we also use very experienced experts to make the patterns and grades.

When approaching a factory it is in the interest of both the factory and the client to use a tech pack. But what is a tech pack ? How do I create a tech pack ? can I create one myself, or do I need an expert to provide it ?

How can I save money effectively ?

Some start-ups feel that they have to get everything as cheap as possible. There are some areas where savings can be made, but other areas where they cannot be made without harming the product or profits. It is  normally not worth stinting on pattern costs or sample costs beyond ensuring value for money.  But there are ways of saving huge amounts  on fabrics and production costs.

Services  By The London Pattern Cutter :

  • Pattern cutting
  • Pattern grading
  • Sampling
  • Fashion design
  • Quality control
  • Fashion start-up workshops
  • Video workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Spec sheets
  • Small production runs

PHONE – 07905-965-305


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