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Denim Branding


Branding for denim illustrates this perfectly. In 1985 levis ran a series of adverts for its  shrink-to-fit 501 jeans. They were probably the most effective ads ever created.  For years after them nobody with any creditability could buy any other brand of jeans, or even any other model of jeans.

EVERY other type of jean was considered uncool. Like everyone else, I had to sit in a bath of cold water with the jeans on, so that they would shrink to fit , just like in the ads. People would cheer loudly when the ad came on in the cinema. It also launched the popularity of boxer shorts, worn in the ads.

Before Levis were the denim brand to own, i remember that Fiorucci held this position for a while. After Levis cam Diesel denim. Today a lot of effort is put into making denim look used and worn. This is done in many ways including sand papering, grinding and tearing .

” The process by which money is created is so simple that the mind is  repelled “. J.K. GALBRAITH

Innovative new denim brands use all sorts of ways to create a desire in the purchaser. One new start-up U.K brand makes a selling point of the fact that each pair of jeans is made by one machinist. The machinists name is on the label, along with a code. the owner can go online to see who made the jeans and what their interests in music are. Any future owner can also go online to see who previous owners were.

Selvedge jeans are sold as a very special type of jean. They are significantly more expensive to the alternative, although from the outside they look exactly the same. This type of branding appeals to men rather than women. men are a little geeky. they like the little details, i make a lot of vintage style patterns for menswear.

For men, all the little details need to be exactly correct. these details matter far more than the overall fit of the garment. There are many websites and bloggs dedicated to specific types of mens garments.

Any fashion start-up  brand needs to think very carefully how to build their brand   in order to maximise sales. Obviously a small start-up would not normally be able to compete on the same level as established brands, but there are some very basic steps that can be taken to add value to the brand.

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