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Cycling Garment Patterns

As an enthusiastic Cyclist and a qualified Spin Instructor, I take a particular interest in pattern making for cycling clothing.  I have been cutting patterns for forty years now and I am really interested in ergonomics  and fit in regard to performance sportswear in general and cycling wear in particular.

Over the past ten years there has been a massively increased interest in cycling, not only  for the competitive and recreational cyclists, but also for the cycling Commuter. I would say that this commuter is still not fully catered for in todays market. Not everyone wants to cycle to work in brightly coloured and logo`d lycra. There are many commuting cyclists who would like  clothing that can also be used both for cycling and for  casual wear.

While the competitive cyclist would probably require a complete change of clothing on arrial at work, many more leisurely inclined cyclists would not be putting any more efffort into cycling than they would walking, so they may want to wear their cycling clothes at work.

I can produce all types of patterns for cycling wear, for men, women and children –  From padded bibs and shorts to soft shell jackets and jerseys, baggy shorts for mountain biking and even polos for cycle polo. Due to the varying cycling positions used in different cycling activities the garments must be cut with these ergonomic considerations involved…

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