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Sportswear Samples

A Sporting Background

A keen Sportsman and Fitness enthusiast all my life, I am  a qualified Gym Instructor and Indoor Cycling Instructor. So I have a special interest and enhanced understanding of the ergonomics and the technological aspects involved in creating modern performance  Sportswear samples and patterns. 

Whether you  require a basic hoodie, a T Shirt or Polo Top. Or you require something more sophisticated. Like an ergonomically designed technical cycling top, swimwear or skiwear, we can provide the sampling  for you, along with grading, tech packs and production runs. 

Sportswear has undergone a massive increase in popularity in recent years, with just a relatively few manufacturers like Nike and Adidas  obtaining a very big share of the market. While branding is incredibly important in the sportswear sector, there is still a lot of room for smaller companies to create their own niche markets. An athleisure boom   has taken place  in the last few years and still has many more years to run.

Many sportswear garments have negative ease – That means that the finished garment is smaller than the body measurements. They will stretch when worn. But each fabric stretches differently. They may also have more stretch in one direction than the other.

Although any seam will break if stretched far enough,It is imperative that any seam used for sportswear has an adequate amount of stretch to cope with normal active wear. Ideally we would aim for around 50% stretch before any strain is felt, but in practise 25% should be sufficient.

These days we specialise in dealing with  small startup brands within the U.K.  so we can provide plenty of advice to the would be fashion Entrepreneur. We use very experienced, high quality sample machinists  using specialist  machinery necessary for sportswear.

As Sportswear is a very specialsied area of clothing, it has to be made by factories that have the correct machinery. Consequently these factories are far more reliable in terms of quality than a normal clothing factory that does not specialise. I would strongly suggest to only use specialised factories to manufacture sportswear.

Specialist Machinery

Most sportswear styles require specialist machinery. , without which it would not be possible to make satisfactory samples.

The two specialist machines that no sportswear factory can be without are  the coverstitch machine and the flatstitch machine.

Coverstitch Machine

The coverstitch machine is a  bit like an overlocker, but without the blade. Some domestic overlock machines are convertible. But domestic machines are nowhere near as durable as  industrial coverstitch machines. The industrial   machines are  designed to be hammered day in, day out for years. They are immensely durable.

The coverstitch machine is designed for use on knit fabrics. It creates a professional hem with a decorative stitch. It  has three needles, and one looper thread.  The looper is underneath and gives the stitch its stretch. On the top is a simple chainstitch.

Knit fabric requires the use of ball point needles.  For best results a bulk thread is used  for sewing.

A coverstitch finish is necessary for performance garments that fit close to the skin and need comfortable seams that do not chafe against the skin.

There is also a reverse coverstitch machine . This stitch looks like a flatlock seam, but is a little bulkier.

Flatlock Machine

The flatlock machine is used to provide a flat seam for a performance garment. Because the garment fits close to the body the seams need to have as little bulk as possible to reduce chafing. The seam needs to be comfortable, stretchy and durable. As well as functional it is also decorative.

There is just a small  seam allowance used for the flat lock seam as the seam is formed by  butting two raw edges together with a slight overlap that is cut off as it is sewn with a zig zag stitch over the top.

A special performance elastic  is often used in sportswear in areas that need to stretch and to provide stability. Areas like necks, shoulders, armholes or hems may have this elastic. Framilon flat elastic  is often used around armholes or necks. This is  a narrow elastic that is normally either transparent, or white.

We have been working in sportswear for many years and have created patterns and samples for Boxing, Tennis, Cycling, Cycle Polo, Football, Rugby, Racing Silks, Skiwear, Beachwear and Aerobics.

We can also provide small scale production runs for startups.

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