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Finding A Good Sample Machinist

There are thousands of sample machinists in London and hundreds of freelance sample machinists in London. Good sample machinists are hard to find, because they are highly sought after and Designers are not keen to risk losing theirs by recommending them to others. a good sample machinist is an essential part of any fashion business.

The sample machinist usually works directly with the pattern cutter and should give the pattern cutter useful feedback about the pattern, the fabric, and the construction of the sample. Some sample machinists are very good at machining, but not so good at giving feedback.

The worst machinists will take an inaccurate pattern and force the fabric pieces to fit together without pointing out  any pattern faults. This means that the pattern may be graded with all the faults. Then these faults may only be discovered when the style goes into production.

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Employing a Freelance Sample Machinist

Because sample making is so important, it is worth trying to find the best freelance sample machinist you can afford. Normally I would advise finding a good pattern cutter first, because the pattern cutter should work with a sample machinist they know can do the job properly, at an affordable price.

The very best freelance sample machinists will be able to make most anything you can throw at them, as long as they have the machinery to do the job. But freelance sample machinists, just like pattern cutters, will normally specialise in a certain area, such as tailoring, or evening dresses. The longer a sample machinist has been freelance, the better is the chance that they can do a wide range of styles.

As mentioned, the freelance sample machinist does have to have the required machinery for the job, although sometimes they will just have to produce a sample that is not entirely as the factory would make it. For instance, most freelance sample machinists dont have specialist swimwear machinery, but they may be able to mock up a swimwear garment adequately for its  purpose.

Our Sample Machinists

I have been in the fashion business for forty years and use only the very best sample machinists, using specialist machinery.

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