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Swimwear Startup

As one of the few swimwear startup specialists in the UK,  we have had a tremendous amount of interest from clients interested in starting a new swimwear brand. Many of our clients  are completely new to the fashion business and have absolutely no experience to draw on.  Most   want to produce  small quantities of swimwear. They have the design ideas, but just dont know  where or how to start.

These new business owners  are desperate for expert advice. Advice  on sourcing fabrics and trims and finding good pattern cutters and factories. If they approach the factories directly they are often told that the quantities they require  are too low or that they would need tech packs with detailed information.

Swimwear Tech Packs

If the factory does accept the order without a tech pack  the client may find themselves with a production disaster. The reason the factories ask for a tech pack in the first place  is because they need  all the relevant information to complete the order correctly.

Comprehensive Service

we can supply  a complete service  to the swimwear start-up entrepreneur, including designs, patterns, samples, grading, tech packs and small production runs. If a larger production is required then we can advise on suitable factories for this.

Specialist Swimwear Machinery

Swimwear requires specialist machinery  that few factories have. The London Pattern Cutter is one of the very few  places to have this machinery.

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