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Pattern Makers In London

London is one of the worlds foremost centres for fashion. There are thousands of fashion businesses throughout the capital – And thousands of Pattern Makers to match.

For any new London fashion business, choosing the right Pattern Maker  is possibly the most important business decision they will make. The Pattern Maker is the key to the whole process – The mediator between  Designer and  Manufacturer.

What Is A Good Pattern Maker ?

A good Pattern Maker should also provide invaluable mentoring and advice- They should be able to guide you safely through the manufacturing process. But it takes many years of experience to gain a thorough understanding of this process.

Even If you just want a Pattern Maker to simply cut your patterns, it is important to use someone with at least ten years experience in the specific field that you are in. Just because they are very experienced in tailored jackets doesnt mean that they are competent in dresses or sportswear.

Most full time Pattern Makers will specialise in a specific field, if only because the company they work for will either specialise themselves, or they will have specialist departments within the company.

Finding A Freelance Pattern Maker

A Freelance Pattern Maker  normally needs to diversify far more , but even so, it takes decades to build up the experience that allows them to be able to deal comfortably with whatever comes their way. I have been cutting patterns for forty years and consider myself a specialist in most areas of pattern making, but sometimes even I will need a little guidance.

A good Freelance Pattern maker, as well as being able to cut any type of pattern, should be able to provide tech packs, grading size charts and recommend factories.If you decide to  manufacture your product locally in London, then you may choose to use your Pattern Maker to act as a QC and garment tech.

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