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Patterns for leather

I have many years experience  making patterns for every type of men`s and ladies` leather garments. I have made patterns for jackets, coats, trousers and biker leathers. I have also made patterns for many different vintage leathers, including all sorts of military garments.

Vintage leather garments can be tricky because the people who buy these types of garments are very particular as to the accuracy of the design. This faithfulness to the original design is more important to the customer than the fit of the garment.

Clients for leatherwear patterns have included :-  Lewis Leathers, Wallace Sacks, Jaeger,  Next, M&S, Jaguar and Lady Gaga.

Pattern cutting for leather garments in the U.K.  is generally appalling. Most pattern cutting appears to be done by factory workers who are not professional Pattern Cutters. While it  also happens in many ordinary clothing factories too, for some reason it is far more prevalent in leather factories.

There are some areas where it is possible to compromise on quality for the sake of economy, but pattern cutting isn’t one, especially when the garments are generally high value.

Samples for leather

We have facilities to make leather samples and small production runs in both London and Scotland. We do a lot of work for small designer brands and fashion startups. These are made either in London or Scotland.

Leather manufacture

We offer small scale leather garment manufacture. Unlike most other leather manufacturers, we do not have any minimum order quantities. Most of the manufacturing for leather garments has disappeared over the last twenty years and unlike in other areas of the British clothing industry it does not appear to be reviving in the same way. So it is not easy to find quality manufacturers in the U.K. I work with various high quality factories and Sample Machinists specialising in leather.

Bespoke leather garments.

We can make one off bespoke leather garments to your own specifications and measurements. In order to do this accurately we would need to gather all the necessary information from you, including body and garment measurements. We will then make a bespoke pattern for you and make a “toile” (mock-up) in calico that will be sent for you to try on, before we then apply any necessary alterations to the pattern and complete the finished garment.

While there is no special skill required for leather garments above the ability to cut  good well balanced patterns for trousers, casual jackets, coats and outerwear generally, experience is necessary in order to cut a pattern that can be interpreted by the factory. Depending on the type of leather used, often extra seams are needed to make best use of the leather skins.


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