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“Nobody Needs Another T Shirt”

Any fashion label needs a brand identity. In fact anyone selling anything needs a brand identity. That includes Freelancers and individual job applicants. Every new business owner needs to learn how to create a fashion brand.

They say that nobody needs another T shirt. So if you are selling your product purely on  utility then there is  no reason for the purchaser to pay a premium price for it. In fact there is probably no need for your product to exist at all. Even a utility garment needs a brand identity to entice buyers .

Branding is often overlooked by new businesses, partly because it is perceived as being an expensive  luxury. But branding is essential for success. To create a fashion brand, absolutely  everything about your business and products is involved.

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Designer Shirt Brand

Take a  mans shirt as an example –  we can buy a perfectly good  mans shirt for just a few pounds.  It will function just as well as a designer shirt costing hundreds of pounds.

I often see adverts in the paper for very ordinary shirts that have a long list of specifications that encourage you to buy. All these specifications are just normal run of the mill specs that are used to sell the shirt. Buyers think that they are getting a quality product.

Many designer shirt brands are not made in  shirt factories with specialised machinery. They do not use the traditional flat felled seam construction that the vast majority of mass produced shirts would use. They are instead made using a french seam construction. This makes them more expensive to make as it is more time consuming.  This apparent disadvantage becomes a selling point, as the french seam is viewed as a sign of quality.

A split yoke in a mans shirt is also seen as a sign of quality. It is sold as being more comfortable and  a better fit.  While I can see that if the yoke is cut on the true bias of the fabric, it could theoretically make it a more comfortable fit, in reality I would expect the stitching across the back would negate this. In fact the stitching could be put under more stress. But nevertheless, the split yoke becomes a selling point.

Designer Tailoring Brand

These days we can by a fantastic off the peg suit  amazingly cheaply. An M&S suit may well come off the same production line as a far more expensive designer brand costing several times more. While there may be subtle differences in the make, fabric or fit, there is no practical reason to buy the more expensive brand over the cheaper alternative. The added value has to be created by the designer.

Equally, because the quality of mass produced tailored jackets is so good, most of us dont really need bespoke tailored suits. You can often tell a bespoke tailored suit by its imperfections as compared to a mass produced suit. But it is these very imperfections that can  become a sign of quality . We dont want our suit to look home made, but we do like it to look hand made.

Books On Fashion Branding

Books can be a great source of knowledge and inspiration, but I do find that books on fashion branding  tend to look very nice and have some useful information. But there tends to be a lot of padding and also a lot of mis information. In order to pad out a book all sorts of irrelevant guff is written. It may take several days to read through the book in order to get to the real information.

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