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Ladies Custom Leatherwear

Women`s Custom made leatherwear requires extensive  knowledge of how leather behaves, along with a high degree of skill  to sew the material,using specialist tools and machinery. As good quality leather is not cheap, the pattern needs to be skilfully cut to match the quality of the leather.A badly cut pattern would make the garment look cheap. A perfectly cut pattern will accentuate both the leather itself and the wearer.

Leather is a very satisfying material to work with due to its unique and varying properties. It can be soft and pliable, or it can be hard and tough.  It is an extremely versatile natural material that can be shaped and molded to hug the body. It wears well and is a long lasting material that ages well, improving with age.

A great understanding of the shape of a womans body is also required to achieve a perfect fit that can either accentuate or disguise as reqquired. My tailoring background is an invaluable one in understanding shape and balance in the fit of a garment.

I have worked with a number of top Designers and Fashion Companies, along with individual clients in developing garments for leather. The type of Leather garments have ranged from traditional jackets, coats, trousers, skirts and dresses, through to more exotic Shapewear and Steampunk inspired Club wear.

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