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Our pattern grading workshops are suitable for beginners or intermediates. It is necessary to have some very basic knowledge of  patterns, but you do not need to be proficient at pattern cutting at all.

Today most pattern grading  is done by computer rather than manually, as it is far more efficient. However, there are  many small companies that still  grade manually rather than invest in the necessary equipment  for computer grading, or using grading services that can be very expensive.

Grading Rules

Whether you use computer grading or manual grading, it is still necessary to understand the basic rules of pattern grading. These are really quite straight forward for most styles that require only three or four sizes. While to fully understand pattern grading would take  years of practise and study, the basic rules can be picked up very quickly.

Our pattern grading workshops focus on practical manual grading. This way it is far easier to understand the process and apply it either in manual pattern grading or computer grading. Our qualified tutors will guide you through the processes of grading basic tops, dresses and trousers.

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