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Fashion Startup Clients

I always advise my fashion start-up clients to begin slowly, with  small production runs.  Small runs will cost more per garment than larger runs. But it is the safest option for start-ups. And It is  the best way to learn before being more adventurous with larger production runs.

U.K. Manufacturing

Most UK factories have a minimum order quantity ( MOQ ). Either a total minimum, or a minimum per size / per colour. With the resurgence of U.K. clothing manufacturing there are now far more factories offering small runs with no minimums to new customers. But good factories offering small runs at a reasonable price  are rare.

Larger factories may offer small runs, but will charge an exorbitant rate. Often these larger factories work for premium brands . These brands have the clout to beat the factory down on price. The factory  will use the kudos gained from the premium brand  to inflate their prices to the smaller clients.  But they will  farm the work out to smaller factories or home workers. These factories may  charge a very high sampling price to deter the more flaky customer.

Production Price

The factory production price constitutes a large part of the total costs for making your garment. So it is  important to get a reasonable making price. It is the factory making price along with the fabric price that is the area where most savings can be made for the small business.

Although I do think that it is worth paying the high factory price in order to ensure good quality, a better way would be to find a small factory that can produce the quantity of garments you want at the price that you want. This of course, is easier said than done. While there are such factories in the U.K. they will tend to be very small with little flexibility.


Most U.K. clothing factories provide a CMT service. That means they will cut, make and trim your garments. But they dont supply fabrics or trimmings such as zips or buttons.

We do work with some small factories and we are always looking for new such units, but they will often be booked for months ahead. We can even help sourcing your fabrics and zips.

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