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We work with many  startup fashion  businesses, seeking  small  production runs in the U.K.  Good quality and reliabilty  at affordable prices  are essential. Sometimes they are looking for larger production runs  that can only be achieved competitively overseas.

What is Minimum order quantity ( MOQ ) ?

Most UK fashion startups need to produce their designs in small quantities, partly because they dont have the funds for large runs, and partly because they want to test the market before increasing production. Therefore they need to find UK factories that offer low minimum order quantities, or maybe no minimum order quantity. Most factories have a MOQ . This means that the factory  are willing to produce small orders.

Whichever option you choose we offer a comprehensive service with highly experienced fashion professionals to help you. You dont need to have any experience in fashion at all. Just come to us with your ideas, along with any relevant  garments or images. If you dont have any sketches then we can create them for you with our one to one workshops. We can source fabrics and trims with you and we can create the patterns and provide the samples. If you dont know where to start we offer a number of mini, one to one workshops.

PHONE – 07905 965 305   ( BILL )


Do we work within the U.K. or abroad ?

Normally for startups  I strongly advise against off shore production unless you are confident of the factory or your agent.  It may be a lot cheaper to produce abroad, but  isnt worth the risks generally. The U.K. brand is very strong, so is a great selling point both at home and abroad. I can advise on good U.K. factories, or if you are looking for small quantities, I can arrange that for you.

If you are looking for larger quantities, then it can be worthwhile going for offshore production. But dont go it alone as you will likely have a disastrous outcome.

Do we just get the factory to do everything  ?

I do not normally recommend using a factory that does everything for you unless you can ensure that they use professional pattern cutters and graders and that they have the facilities to make your type of garments. Without experienced professionals,when patterns and grading are done in-house they tend to be done by inexperienced people. The patterns will often be taken from previous customers designs and if there are alterations to be made they can get really stuck.

The client may end up paying for sample after sample trying to get it right. The factories  aim is to make everything easier for the factory rather than better for the client. Often a popular factory will use home machinists to do small scale production, rather than their internal machinists who they save for their bigger clients. They will often use their reputation gained from working with well known brands to put up their prices but supply an inferior service to the small designer.

How much will it cost ?

Everyone wants to know how much it will all cost  and how they can use their limited finances in the best way. Although I can advise on certain costs it is not possible to give an accurate idea of costs until the factory have made their sample. We do offer a service that allows you to have a trial small production run of  ten garments per size. Once a sample is produced you will be given a price for the small production run, which you have the choice to accept or decline.

You will of course pay  more per garment for a smaller quantity than for a larger quantity, but for a startup it is often wise to go initially for a smaller quantity.

While we can supply patterns, samples, grades and small production runs, we do not do large production runs ourselves. we can however advise on factories and liaise with those factories if required…

PHONE – 07905 965 305  ( BILL )




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