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Who The Course Is Aimed At

We at The London Pattern Cutter specialise in working with fashion startups. These businesses are run on the whole by individuals with a  passion for  fashion design. While some will employ a freelance fashion designer, most are on a limited budget and want to create their own designs .

Some  of these owner/ designers have great ideas and  talent, while others struggle with the creation process. Many  are not able to sketch their designs accurately or professionally. This is where our London fashion design course comes in.

Being a fashion designer is far more than just having good design ideas. Unless you are making the patterns yourself it is useless to have great design ideas if you cannot  convey your ideas to the pattern cutter.  Unless the pattern cutter can coax your real visions from you, this lack of communication leads to expensive re sampling that most startups cannot afford.

In this short course, we try to teach the basics of designing, sourcing and sketching  to enable the designer to get their ideas down accurately, succinctly and clearly  on paper. We teach how the designer can communicate their ideas to the pattern cutter in order to get it right first time round.

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What Is A Fashion Designer ?

A fashion designer does far more than just design. Extensive research is essential, which can involve many hours in front of a computer screen, or leafing through fashion magazines for ideas and inspiration.   But it can also involve much travelling round the world to visit shops, fashion fares, shows and exhibitions.

The designer  will also rely on paid off the shelf   research through trend reports. The designer is  responsible for buying fabrics and trims, and liaising with the agents. A  good fashion designer also needs to have some understanding of garment and pattern construction.

How To Become A Fashion Designer

To become employed as a fashion designer within the fashion industry it is usually necessary as a starting point, to obtain a degree following a four year fashion course. A good portfolio is essential in order to get a job. As with any other job, the learning only really begins once they are employed and working alongside experienced designers.

Sometimes it is possible to obtain a fashion design job without having the qualifications and portfolio, but this would be rare. We cant teach you how to become a full time professional fashion designer. We can only help teach you the basics of designing.

Who Is The Course Aimed At ?

We run a short intensive course in fashion design, intended mainly for those interested in starting a fashion brand, but without the formal training to enable them to convey  their design accurately to the pattern cutter. But we also have many students who just have an interest in fashion design and would like to pursue the possibilities.

It is unlikely that an employer would employ a fashion designer with little or no formal training, although sometimes a small firm would consider someone who showed design flare. But, unless the designer is going to make the patterns, they need to be able to explain to the pattern cutter exactly what they want. It is very important to interpret the design accurately as it costs a lot of money to have to remake samples.

Our Fashion Design Course

Our short fashion design course is conducted by Emile. He has over twenty years experience as a fashion designer and has an immense understanding of designing,  garment construction, fabrics  and sourcing. The intensive five day course is located at our sampling unit in Greenwich.

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