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Tips to learn  pattern cutting

I think that there are three very valuable tips for anyone who wants to learn about pattern cutting :-

Tip 1 – Buy a good mannequin

A good mannequin will  last you a lifetime. Buy as good a mannequin as you can afford. My preference would be to buy a full mannequin with torso and legs, so that you can do all types of garments. It also uses less space than having two separate mannequins. But these can be very expensive, so you can just by the torso now and the legs later. If you cant afford a new one, then look out for a second hand one that is a decent shape.

Tip 2 – Practise

It is very important to be constantly practising by using your stand to see what works and what doesnt. You may just want to work on the stand to develop your shapes, or you may want to begin with flat patterns that you can try on the stand. But what happens on the stand is far more important than any theory.

Tip 3 – Have private lessons

You can teach yourself a lot just by working on the stand, and you can learn a lot by working with more experienced colleagues, but you will learn far more by being able to combine these with pattern cutting lessons where you will get far more attention from the pattern cutting teacher. The trick is to have the right ratio between teaching and working on your own.

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