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Pattern cutting tuition for all. Whether you are a highly experienced professional pattern cutter seeking to understand more advanced aspects of pattern cutting, or you are a complete novice – We can offer one to one  pattern cutting tuition, tailored to your specific needs.

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All our pattern cutting instructors are specialised in their fields and have years of experience. We cover virtually every area of pattern cutting from mens and ladies tailoring through to underwear and swimwear. In fact there is probably no aspect of pattern cutting that we do not cover.

Although we offer  one to one tuition, we can also accommodate extra friends or colleagues who are keen to learn alongside. There would be an added cost for each extra person.


Pattern cutting books certainly have their place in teaching pattern cutting. They can be very useful for some people, but they can also be a hindrance. I often come across inexperienced pattern cutters who rely on theories or formulae from books that prevent them  from actually understanding how pattern cutting works in practise. In my opinion far more would be learnt working on  a mannequin rather than using a book, maybe  alongside a book.


Using a mannequin to model on the stand is by far the best way to understand pattern cutting. I always suggest using a mannequin in conjunction with pattern cutting tuition. A good mannequin is a great investment as it will last a life time, although it may need recovering once every twenty years or so. This way you get to understand about pattern cutting rather than just learning theory from books.


Even some experienced pattern cutters have areas of pattern cutting that they have problems with. Many struggle with collars or sleeves for example. They may spend years not understanding  how to  cut different sleeves for different armholes, or they use a basic formula taken from a pattern cutting book. They may know the formula, but dont quite understand the logic. The sleeves dont turn out quite right.

PHONE – 07905-965-305



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