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Do I really need a  business plan ?

Many  of our clients do not consider it necessary or worthwhile to construct a business plan, especially if they are not planning to obtain  loans or to attract investors.  It takes many hundreds of hours  to just pick up the basic information needed to set up and run a successful fashion business. We ourselves always suggest  that  our clients learn alongside us as they just get on with the real business of designing and creating fashion. We can supply invaluable mentoring and advice . In my opinion this is infinately better than spending forever researching and planning.

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Fashion business plan workshop

But  we do recommend creating a business plan at the outset. We run a two hour, 1-1 workshop  designed to create your own  fashion business plan if you dont know where to start. Of the many workshops that we offer, the two most valuable are the fashion startup workshop and the  fashion startup business plan workshop.

In order to run  a successful and profitable fashion business,  a business plan is very important.  It contains vital information on your products, competitors, pricing, marketing and finance. It also helps greatly in defining your business goals and objectives.

Executive summary

The executive summary  is a short prefice of the business plan report. It focusses the mind in order to distill the essence of your business down to a page or less. This page may well be the only page that is read by a potential investor, so having a strong executive summary is key. In fact the first sentence may be the only part that gets read. So there is a good agrument that your executive summary needs an executive summary.

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