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There are very few ladies swimwear pattern cutters in the U.K. as It is a highly specialised field of pattern cutting  that requires expert knowledge of stretch fabrics,  body shape and construction. Ladies swimwear is the type of niche area of clothing that has tremendous potential for growth. It  is ideal for the small startup  as there is little competition, costs are comparatively low and the garments are compact, so easy to produce, store and transport.

PHONE – 07905-965-305 ( BILL )


While experienced  swimwear pattern cutters are hard to find, so too are specialist swimwear factories. We work with a number of these  factories and we can create your swimwear samples and advise on fabrics and trims etc.

There are three main types of ladies swimwear pattern shapes – bikini, one piece and thong. While the cut and lengths may change, and the fabric design may change, ladies swimwear does not change significantly from style to style.


We have had tremendous demand from swimwear startup entrepreneurs, often with no experience in fashion or the clothing industry at all.  They require patterns, grading, samples and production. They are desperate for advice on fabrics, trims and sourcing as well as garment production.

We offer a really cost effective  two to four  hour workshop with very experienced professionals .These are one to one workshops, specifically tailored to your swimwear startup business needs.They are designed to supply all the information  needed to get you started.You will be advised by highly experienced professionals who will also work with you if you decide to use our other services such as pattern making, grading, sampling and small production runs.

We can help you to produce working drawings and detailed sketches that will enable the pattern cutter to make your professional factory ready patterns for the sample machinist to sew.

PHONE – 07905-965-305 ( BILL )


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