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Mens Tailoring Patterns

I began my Pattern cutting career at Jaeger Tailoring in 1976, working mainly on Ladies suits, but also involved in some Mens suits too. Since then I have been involved in an extremely wide variety of patterns for men, women and children. But I always come back to Mens Tailoring as the area of pattern cutting that I most enjoy and that I am most skilled at.

While Mens and Ladies Tailoring have many similarities they are in fact vastly different – A Menswear Tailor would find it very difficult to do Ladies Tailoring and vice versa. Gents Tailoring is far more structured and conservative, while Ladies Tailoring can be much more innovative. Menswear generally  needs to be more precise, with an exact amount of shirt cuff or collar showing and with pockets placed in exactly the right position.

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I would say that I have more experience in Mens tailoring patterns than any other area of pattern making.  It is also the type of pattern cutting that I enjoy the most. It is very satisfying to develop a tailored pattern to fit perfectly from a designer sketch through to a toile and final garment.

As a Freelance pattern cutter I have worked for a wide variety of Clients  from small startup clothing businesses through to top designer names and iconic high street brands as well as Savlle Row Tailors in London. While most of my work is for London based Clients, I also work for many Clients in Kent and throughout the U.K.

Mens tailoring styles tend to change very slowly, so the basic shapes should remain the same for many years. At the moment single breasted jackets and flat front trousers are in fashion, At other times it will be double breasted jackets and pleated trousers.

As Mens Tailoring Patterns tend to be more standardised and formal  than Ladies  it is possible to supply you with generic patterns for specific styles at a reduced rate to a pattern made specifically to your design requirements. Once you have tested the toile you can either add your specific styling requirements, or we can do this for you for an additional fee. If you prefer that we made the toile we can do this too. Please ring for information on price…

PHONE – 07905-965-305 ( BILL )


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