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How much does it cost ?

While I have guide prices for certain types of  patterns and garments, I would have to see the design and understand what is expected before giving a price for the job. My prices are not on the cheap end of the scale, but they are not at the top either. I aim to give a good value and high quality  service.

PHONE – 07905-965-305 ( BILL )


How long does it take ?

This depends on how much work you are giving me to do and how busy I am. Most jobs should take seven to ten days.

How does it work ?

You give me the designs along with instructions. I make the initial pattern along with a basic toile if necessary, which you then fit. I make any necessary adjustments  to the pattern and send you the finished pattern for sampling.

Are the patterns in paper or card ?

By default I make the initial pattern in paper. This is easier and cheaper to transport and store. If you want to grade the pattern then it would be made in card ready for the factory.

Do you make digital patterns ?

I do not make digital patterns initially although I can supply digital versions once the pattern is finished. While digital patterns are not more expensive than physical patterns, I would normally recommend that I supply a grade spec for the digitisers. They will often request one anyway.

Do you provide production facilities ?

No I dont provide production facilities, but I do work with a number of factories in London and around the U.K. I do not receive any financial reward for recommending a particular factory so I am free to recommend whoever I think is good for you…

PHONE – 07905-965-305 ( BILL )


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