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Mens Tailored Jacket Patterns



MensTailored jackets are probably the most difficult type of pattern to cut, although once you have acquired the skill, just like everything else, it becomes intuitive. I am highly experienced in cutting mens jackets. As I cut each pattern manually in order to obtain the best possible fit, I become very skilled in  understanding what is a good shape with correct balance and style.

If a jacket is not cut correctly, even though it may look O.K. it can feel uncomfortable  when wearing it. When I try on an off the peg jacket, I often feel as if I need to pull the back up and push the front forward. This is caused by incorrect balance between front and back. While most top brands should provide a good  basic fit for their chosen market, smaller designer brands  will often suffer from these fit problems. No matter how nice the design, if the jacket does not feel right it will be a massive disincentive to buy.

Getting the fit and balance right is only half of the job of cutting a tailored mans jacket though. The other half of the job is adding the linings, interfacings, canvas, pockets etc. Many Pattern Cutters will not provide a complete pattern because they will leave out the interfacings and canvas pieces etc. It is often these apparently small details that make a big overall look of the jacket and although it can be tempting to take a couple of hours off the total work time, this corner cutting will result in a poorer garment.



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