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Mens Polo Shirt Patterns

The Polo shirt, also known as Tennis Shirt or Golf Shirt, was originally designed by Renee Lacoste in 1926. It was designed as a more functional and comfortable garment for playing tennis. While the original shirt was designed a little differently to the modern version, it was essentially the same garment.  The shirt traditionally is made in a knitted pique cotton, has a knitted flat collar, a short placket with two or  three buttons and short sleeves.

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The modern Polo Shirt  has been very popular for many years and with the resurgence of iconic British brands such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman it continues to be fashionable in the U.K. They are a very popular choice for all ages of both sexes as they are easy to wear, and look good on all sizes and shape of body and solve the modern problem of whether to wear the shirt tucked in or out of the waistband.

Of course you can change the traditional shape to anything you want. You can have long sleeves or short sleeves, or the body can be longer or shorter. The  fit can be a classic fit, a slim fit or a super slim fit. I can make a mans Polo Shirt pattern exactly to your specifications, in any size. All patterns are finished to factory ready specifications along with all necessary instructions.

Although a polo shirt pattern is fairly easy and straightforward, the skill is in the subtle detail of the shape, the collar and the length. Sometimes we try a polo shirt on and it just doesnt feel right, but we dont know quite why. Even big high street manufacturers can get these things wrong – An otherwise very nice style may be just a little too long or too short. The shoulder may be slightly tight, or the armhole a little low. An experienced Pattern Cutter should be able to make a perfect pattern that would translate in to many more sales. This is even more important when selling online as returns could be massive with a less than perfectly cut polo shirt. I would say that it is always a good investment to pay a little more for a well cut polo than to cut corners on a cheaper pattern,



PHONE – 07905-965-305


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