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Swimwear Start-up Workshop

We have had a tremendous amount of interest from swimwear startup entrepreneurs, often with no experience in the clothing industry at all.  Most of them  want to produce small quantities of swimwear in the U.K. They have plenty of ideas, but no idea where or how to start.

PHONE – 07905-965-305


These people are desperate for expert advice on sourcing fabrics and trims and finding good pattern cutters and factories. If they approach the factories directly they are often told that the quantities they require  are too low or that they would need tech packs with detailed information. If the factory does accept the order without a tech pack  the client may find themselves with a production disaster. The reason the factories ask for a tech pack in the first place  is because they need  all the relevant information to complete the order correctly.

we can supply  a complete service  to the swimwear start-up entrepreneur, including patterns, samples, grading, tech packs and small production runs. If a larger production is required then we can advise on suitable factories for this.

 Swimwear Workshop

We offer  very  cost effective two to four hour workshops, with very experienced professionals, specifically tailored to your swimwear start-up company. These workshops are separate to our other services and  designed just to get you started.  After this you may choose to use our other services, or to go elsewhere for your patterns and samples etc. But you should be armed with enough information for the pattern cutter to interpret your designs accurately. For most people, two hours is sufficient to get you started. For those who need more extensive help, then three to four hours would be better.

Subjects that the workshops  cover include :-

  • Sourcing fabrics and trims.
  • Finding good factories.
  • Quality control.
  • Tech packs.
  • Supplying detailed information for the patterns.
  • How to minimise the possibility of errors.
  • The practicality of your designs.
  • How to provide  detailed sketches.
  • Your garment construction.

Obviously the amount of time that you sign up for will determine what is covered and in what depth, but the workshops  would be specifically tailored to your designs and your needs. If you are unsure how much time to book for it may be possible to leave this open.


PHONE – 07905-965-305


Pattern Cutter and fashion business start-up consultant for London and Scotland.