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Our London fashion startup workshop has proven to be so popular that we will be rolling it out across other parts of the country. At the moment all our mentors have at least twenty years experience in the fashion business. Some, like myself, have over forty years experience. Each mentor is tremendously experienced dealing with fashion startups and can provide invaluable advice and assistance to any budding fashion entrepreneur based in or around London.  For those outside  London, if we dont yet cover your area we can also offer a video or Skype alternative.

” I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that wont work “. THOMAS A. EDISON

Many fashion business experts advise start-up  fashion entrepreneurs to be very cautious before launching a fashion brand. They recommend immense amounts of research and loads of finance before even considering starting a business. Our philosophy is “Just do it”.  As long as you have expert advice behind you, we believe that the best way is to just jump in at the deep end and start producing garments. We still advise caution by keeping numbers low and controlling your finances. And we still advise doing plenty of research. But real hands on experience is by far the best way to learn the business. If you are hoping for finance in the future, having this experience will be extremely advantageous. You can treat it as a dry run for the real thing.

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All our workshops are  run in parallel with our other fashion industry services. So if you are looking for a comprehensive service for your fashion business, including pattern cutting, designing, grading, samples, small production runs, quality control, tech packs etc.  then we can provide all that too.


Our startup workshop is a two hour, 1 – 1 workshop designed to kick-start your fashion business and to prepare you for the processes involved in getting your fashion brand to market. It acts as an introduction to the fashion business.  Before attending we ask you to contact your personal mentor to discuss your business and your objectives. This enables us to prepare, and  to tailor the workshop to your own business objectives.

As the workshops are tailored to your own needs, the areas covered may vary  from workshop to workshop. As a guide, areas covered could include :-

  • Identify your customer
  • Create a brand identity
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Business plan
  • Finalising the designs and their workability
  • Technical sketches for the pattern cutter
  • labels and ticketing
  • Choosing and sourcing affordable fabrics
  • Costings and pricing
  • Tech packs
  • Manufacturing in the UK or abroad
  • production  procedures
  • Q &A


Helping fashion startups since 1984