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Firstly, I am not a designer,  so maybe I shouldnt be trying to tell someone else how to be a designer. But I am just giving my point of view as a Pattern Cutter working with small startups.

Many people come to me having absolutely no experience in the fashion business. They have only one design, but this design has to be the perfect design.  They will have thought about their design for weeks and come to me with their sketches that have been drawn and re-drawn with the aim of creating that one perfect design. They will sit down to discuss their design with me and continue re-designing as they do. I will write my notes, then re-write them as the design is changed and then changed back to how it was. The next day I will get a phone call or an email to change it yet again. Several days later I will get a ” just one more thing” email. When the pattern is made I will get another instruction. Then when the sample is made there will be yet another instruction. I end up having dozens of emails and phone calls relating to this one design, whereas all I want is one sketch of front and back, along with concise , easily understood information.

The other thing that I get is a sketch with poorly hand written instructions. I dont mnd hand written instructions as long as you use  easily readable block letters.

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