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There are three basic  choices when it comes to shirt manufacture in the U.K. A good case can be made for each method : –

  • Use a specialist shirt factory with specialist machinery.
  • Use a conventional factory using basic overlocked seams.
  • Use a conventional factory using french seams

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There is generally very little variation in mens shirts,so most can be made by specialist shirt factories, using  highly automated processes and specialist machinery. Although a single needle lockstitch machine is still used for much of the construction, some of the seams require special machinery for a traditional finish.The side seams, underarm seams and sleeves will be a flat felled seam construction, and the collars, cuffs and pocket will be die cut.

This could be considered the  ideal for mens shirt production as it produces a good quality finish both inside and outside. It is both efficient  and cost effective. And it results in a very durable garment. These specialist factories are however, less flexible and may require very high minimums. If you want something a little  different or quirky, then they may not be able to assist you. Even if you want a slightly different pocket, they may not be able to help as the machinery is very expensive and so is tailored for a small range of shapes.


A conventional factory does not have all the  machinery that the specialist factory has, but they are far more flexible. They can make your shirts either using   plain  overlocked seams in place of the flat felled seams,  or they can use french seams. If the internal finish is not important and your shirts rely on the design, or fabric as a selling point rather than the quality of finish, then a plain overlocked seam may be sufficient. It is simple and inexpensive.

A very professional finish can be achieved  using french seams rather than flat felled seams. It can even be regarded as a superior finish , although it is not as cost effective or efficient. Many designers will choose this construction as a luxury finish. The construction then becomes a specific selling point.  A french seam can be achieved on any normal sewing machine, but it requires at least two separate operations. If top stitching is required, then a further operation is needed for this.


We can supply a complete service from start to finish, no matter what stage you are at. Even if you have no designs, fabrics or sketches, we can sit down with you and develop or source these. We can then supply the patterns, grades, samples and production. We only do small production quantities, but if you would like to manufacture a greater quantity than we deliver, then we would be happy to refer you to good quality factories that can help you further.


PHONE – 07905-965-305


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