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I cant say there is a great deal of interest in patterns for cravats, ties or bow ties, but I am occasionally asked to make them. While on the face of it these are very simple to make, there is a little more to them than is initially apparent. Once mastered howeer, they are in fact quite straight forwars. It took me around three hours to make my first tie pattern and around the same time for my first bow tie pattern. Today I am a lot quicker.

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Neck wear has developed over the years from being purely functional, to being almost purely decorative. In the seventeenth century Croation Mercenaries used Cravats to hold their shirt collars together. They were consequently adopted by the French upper class and they began to evolve into bow ties. They began to be worn by Doctors and Professors and for formal dress.

There are several types of bow tie in existence today – There are pre-tied bow ties and clip-on bow ties as well as the self-tied Freestyle varieties that provide a more charming, quirky look. There is The Butterfly bow tie, The Big Butterfly, The Batwing, The Diamond Point, The Club Row and The Single Ended.

The bow tie consists of the tie fabric itself, with an adjustable ribbon backing, a T hook and a sliding buckle.

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