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There are a variety of swimwear fabrics with  different properties. Often there will be a mixture of fabrics in order to obtain the properties required for a swimwear garment.

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It used to be that all swimwear fabric was called Lycra, which is  a brand of the generic Elastane (or Spandex as it is known in the USA). But today there  are many more varieties and mixtures of fabrics available for swimwear.

Swimwear fabric needs to have a number of properties, depending on its intended use. It needs to be hard wearing, strong but lightweight,chlorine resistant, UV resistant , drag resistant, friction resistant, shrink resistant, quick drying, comfortable, stretchy and easy to print on.

The first thing to determine when choosing a swimwear fabric is whether the garment is to be used for competitive swimming, or for leisure. The next consideration is whether to use two way or four way stretch. Two way stretch is a fabric that stretches across the grain only, while four way (multi-way) stretch, stretches  across and down the grain. Two way stretch is more likely to be used for two piece swimsuits, while four way stretch is more suitable for one piece swimsuits.

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The most common fabrics used for swimwear are lycra, Nylon, cotton and Polyester. Swimwear fabrics should normally be made of 100% man-made fabrics  as natural fabrics will tend to hold water. Cotton is still used for some fashion swimwear though.


Abrasion resistant

Soft feel

Low moisture absorbency

Washes easily

Excellent elasticity

Extremely strong but lightweight

Not chlorine resistant

Does not hold dye well.


Very elastic,

Not very comfortable on its own

Not very chlorine resistant


Natural stretch

Chlorine resistant


Repels water

Snag resistant


Does not provide a good fit

Sags after a while

Holds water.

Used more in cheap or fashionable swimwear.


Holds its  shape and colour well.

Resists the effects of chlorine.

Strong fabric.

Soft comfortable fit.

Resists shrinkage

Abrasion resistant.

Quick drying.

Chlorine resistant.

UV protection.

Exceptional breathability

4 way stretch.

Washes easily.

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