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There are very few swimwear specialists in the UK and yet there is a great deal of demand for swimwear services including designing, pattern cutting, grading, sampling and CMT. We work mainly for young designers and small start-up brands looking for small quantities of swimwear, and high quality work.


Pattern cutting for swimwear requires extensive knowledge of stretch fabrics and stretch garment construction. It is just one branch of the fashion contour industry that includes lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, beachwear structured bodywear, bras and corsetry.

I came pretty late to swimwear pattern cutting, due to necessity. While my specialisms had been in many different areas of woven fabrics, I had never been a stretch specialist. But I found that there were so few stretch or swimwear pattern cutters that I just had to do it myself.

With decades of pattern cutting experience behind me it wasnt too difficult to become competent in swimwear. It does however require a good reliable mannequin.


Most mannequins are solid dummies that ( unlike real people ) have no give. And if you are using a mannequin designed for tailoring, it will not have the necessary curves required for swimwear and particularly for more curvy women. So a special swimwear dummy was needed that was a more accurate reflection of a womans body shape, with a soft spongy exterior. And legs.

Before purchasing a proper swimwear dummy I had used a cheap shop window dummy that had an unfeasibly  large bust and small waist. While this was ideal for large busted women with small waists, it was not so useful for women with a more average shape. For  women with big bottoms and small waists i would have to add some extra padding ,


The main high street fashion brands tend to cater for a very small section of the population with average sizes and average shapes. That leaves a lot of body types that are not catered for. We do a lot of swimwear for women of different shapes, sizes. and body types.


in order to produce swimwear samples it is essential to have special swimwear machines and attachments, along with experienced swimwear sample machinists.


Although we do not specialise in production, we can do very small runs. We also work with factories who can provide bigger runs.

PHONE – 07905-965-305



Swimwear  is a great area for new start-ups to get involved in as there is not a great amount of competition and while it is essential to have access to knowledgeable technicians and factories, once you have these connections the job should be plain sailing.

Halter Neck Bra Pattern
Pattern for halter neck swimwear top

There are very few  swimwear  specialsts in the U.K. whether pattern cutters, graders, or factories. And they tend to be really busy as their skills are very sought after.


PHONE – 07905-965-305


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