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How do you find a cheap Pattern Cutter and is it worth while ?

A Pattern Cutter can cost between £15 and £60 per hour. Most people would not be looking for the cheapest Pattern Cutter, or the most expensive one. But is it worthwhile employing a cheap Pattern Cutter and how would you find one ?

While I am not the cheapest Pattern Cutter, I do work with less expensive Pattern Cutters who are reliable and who I trust to do a good job.  I could use cheaper Pattern Cutters, but it just is not worth using someone who does not have the skills or experience that is need to do the work properly.

Some clients come to me with patterns made by someone who is obviously neither experienced or skilled. The patterns are awful and I would say worthless. Why waste perfectly good fabric with a bad pattern ?

But it is not just the pattern construction that is important. If the pattern has  insufficient, incorrect or misleading information on it then your whole production could be at risk.

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