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For the moment my Brexit page is in the miscellaneous section, but I do aim to promote this to a more prominent position. Now though, I am about to seriously annoy half of my readers – Especially given that  the fashion world is not known to hold my views.

I think that real Brexit will make a massive difference to entrepreneurship in the U.K. There will be  a great New Wave of entrepreneurship emerge throughout the UK once the current economic system has run its course. This new wave will be due to the banks returning to their historic ways of lending to vibrant small  businesses that create real wealth, rather than lending in order to inflate house prices or bond markets. If everyones house has doubled in value, then no ones house has doubled in value. Unless of course you are a first time buyer Then it really has doubled in value. But its the same house.

O.K. the financial system we have is the same system pretty much the whole world has. But an economic collapse

As an Irishman i have never hidden  my love of the fantastic value of the  GB brand,  nor my love of small businesses, true capitalism and real money.


Pattern Cutter and fashion business start-up consultant for London and Scotland.