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While beachwear and swimwear  are  closely related , and even inter  related fields, there is a difference between these two areas of fashion. Swimwear is generally more activity based, requiring close fitting garments  and  more likely to use  four way stretch materials, while beachwear is generally more leisure based and may use woven materials. They do need to have many similar properties such as resistance to chlorine ,UV rays and sun cream.  They must both be free of shrinkage.

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I do a lot of work particularly for mens beachwear. this usually consists of a variety of swim shorts of different lengths. These may be boxer shorts, mid thigh shorts  or bermuda shorts. They are likely to  have a waist drawsting tie, with an elasticated waist and an inner brief. Some have a false or a real fly.

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While cutting patterns for beachwear isnt as specialised as for swimwear, it does require an understanding of both stretch fabrics and woven fabrics. It also requires knowledge of special finishes that may be used in beachwear that is not present generally in swimwear.


There is less special machinery necessary to make beachwear samples as they tend not to use so many special seams that are used in swimwear. It is however, still a specialised area of sample machining that requires knowledge and experience.

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Pattern Cutter and fashion business start-up consultant for London and Scotland.