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There is a massive market for unique and  innovative sportswear in the UK. It is  a very popular area for fashion startup brands, especially with the increasing popularity of athleisure. The UK sportswear market accounts for around £2.5 billion.  But  sportswear requires specialist pattern makers, machinists, fabrics and machinery. It is very important to have a basic understanding of what this entails before starting a new sportswear business. Unlike general fashion, sportswear can lend itself to offshore production, leading to massive savings. But if done incorrectly, offshore production will be disastrous.

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Our How to start a sportswear brand workshops are  conducted by Emile. The introduction workshops are one to one sessions specifically tailored to your own business  from information you provide to us. So each two hour workshop is unique to you.

Emile runs the workshops at our London sampling unit, alongside his own successful design business .

Production order discount

For everyone purchasing one of our workshops we are offering a 10% discount  on production prices throughout the month of May. This discount will be valid throughout 2018.

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