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Streetwear is a very competitive area of fashion that can be immensely profitable with the right designs and insight. It is becoming increasingly influential within mainstream and luxury fashion. genres. While it is hard to define, it is itself influenced by other genres such as sportswear, surf and skate wear.

Most streetwear brands are started by people who have absolutely no formal training in  fashion and no experience in the fashion world. While they lack formal training, they know what looks good and  understand  who their customer is and what they  want to buy. More often than not the  new streetwear fashion entrepreneur is working on a severely restricted budget.  Having fresh ideas is essential for adding value to their product because they cannot compete on price alone. Their customer is not necessarily looking for high quality, but the look is essential. This makes it even more important to be able to source inexpensive materials that look good.

But these new entrepreneurs  are at a distinct disadvantage with their lack of knowledge of fabrics, garment construction and finances.

Production order discount

For everyone purchasing one of our workshops we are offering a 10% discount  on production prices throughout the month of May. This discount will be valid throughout 2018.

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