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We offer two separate fashion design workshops, each serving a specific function : – A two hour, one to one workshop and a full day, group  workshop.  Both workshops are conducted by Emile who is a fully qualified tutor with many years experience running his own design company. These workshops are perfect  for  would be designers interested in starting a fashion business.

The workshops are designed for ordinary, untrained individuals who would  like to put a collection of designs together. These individuals have no idea where to start, how to sketch, how to convey their ideas, or where to obtain good quality, affordable fabrics, trims. or services. We are experts in dealing with beginners and startups.

One to one fashion design workshop

This two hour, 1-1 fashion design  workshop is devised for the would be fashion designer who  has the design ideas, but has no experience and does not know where to start or how to bring the designs to life.  We are very flexible re dates and times for these bespoke workshops. If normal hours are not convenient, we can often arrange evening or weekend workshops to suit. Or if face to face does not work, then we can do the workshop via Skype.

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No formal education or qualification is required in order to become a fashion designer, although it would be practically impossible to walk into a full time job without having taken a suitable design qualification. The same is not true for the self employed fashion designer.

The fashion design workshop is a perfect, practical introduction to the very fundamentals of fashion designing. Absolutely no drawing skills are required as this workshop is about getting your ideas across with functional drawings rather than pretty pictures. And we can supply design templates to help you do this effectively.

Many would be designers with plenty of imagination and ideas are put off designing because they feel that they cannot draw pretty fashion pictures. While this may prove a disadvantage in obtaining a job as a designer in the fashion industry, it should be no handicap for the self employed fashion designer. Obviously a two hour crash workshop in fashion design cannot replace a four year degree  course in fashion design, but it does supply real – world experience

Here at The London Pattern Cutter, we dont teach you to do beautiful drawings or how to be a great designer. But we do teach you how to present your ideas in a clear format so that pattern cutters and factories can understand what you want and interpret your designs efficiently without expensive trial and error. We encourage the use of anything that will assist, such as   mood boards or existing garments. We  also try to assist you with understanding fabrics and trims.


Full day  fashion design workshop

After the workshop, if you would like to take your designs to the next stage by having the patterns cut and samples made, we can  help you with that too. We can even supply  small production runs.

You are encouraged to bring along any basic sketches and  garments of interest that you may have, along with a look book of  ideas and inspiration so that we can help you put together your finished professional sketches and technical  drawings to present to the pattern cutter, or to the factory.

PHONE – 07905-965-305


Helping fashion startups since 1984