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There are many men`s streetwear brands around at the moment. It has become a very popular area for start-up brands. But many of these emerging brands are run by novices who are on a sharp learning curve. Few of these new brands will survive, because they do not have any expert guidance. Even more than other fashion start-ups, the streetwear start-up is likely to fail.

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Streetwear Start-ups

I have come across a number of streetwear start-up entrepreneurs who have had a terrible experience, specifically with  patterns, grades or production.  They have used cheap  inexperienced pattern cutters, not realising the extreme importance of good patterns. They often rely on the factory to provide the patterns and grades. This is usually a big mistake as the factory rarely employs professional experienced pattern cutters. Their “Pattern Cutters” are usually multi-tasking general employees. They dont understand pattern cutting or streetwear. If these start-ups go abroad for production, then problems are likely to be far worse. They may  have to pay for a number of samples before getting the shape right. Or giving up completely.

Grading For Streetwear Brands

When the sample is finally correct , they are led into a false sense of security, because if the factories are using their own graders the sizing is likely to  be completely wrong, which causes an avalanche of returns. The client thinks that everything is fine because the garments look good and measure up to the factory supplied specs.

It is vital to decide on the grading rules before actually grading the patterns. You need to know what market you are aiming at, what size range you want to cover, what increments you want between sizes and how many sizes you want in total. For streetwear I tend to think that  a bigger increment than normal is needed. For the strt-up on a limited budget this is useful to cover a large range of sizes with fewer patterns. This brings the cost of production down dramatically.

Sourcing Fabrics

As with all start-ups , streetwear companies need to source cheap fabrics. This can be the difference between success and failure. It is probably the area that most savings can be achieved.

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