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Sourcing fabrics and trims.

Fabric and trim  sourcing for fashion startups is a very important aspect of starting a new brand. Many suppliers will not deal with startups, or will not supply the small quantities  normally required by them. It is vitally  important to be able to find suppliers of good quality fabrics at bargain prices.

It can take hundreds of hours of research to find suitable suppliers who will supply good quality fabrics at the right time at the right  price and in the right quantities. This is time that is best spent doing other things.

There are a number of well know  fabric and trim sources around London that are popular with young designers. Shops such as Joel & Son, Cloth House, Borovicks, or the many other shops in Berwick street. But while these shops have a great and varied selection of fabrics, they can be a little pricey. A new fashion business needs to get to obtain their fabrics as cheaply as possible, even if the fabrics are not exactly what they really want. If you can get fabrics at reduced prices this will make a massive difference to profits.

Our fabric and trim sourcing workshops are designed to help fashion startups source fabrics for their own specific designs. We will sit down with you, go through your designs one by one and endeavour to find the best suppliers for you.

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